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Founded in 1990 by Victor Nguyen and Tao Chow, CMM has 26 years of experience machining RF housings, carriers, fixtures and more. CMM is ITAR registered and flight approved by some vendors.


Equipment and Machines

CMM uses 14 vertical CNC mills with the largest table being 20” x 50” x 25”.

CMM is also equipped with manual mills, surface grinder, double disk sander, saws, sheet metal shearing and other finishing and support tools.


CMM works many of the common housing and fixture materials(Aluminum 6061-T6, stainless steels, polymers: Vespel, Torlon, Acetal, PTFE, PE) as well as more specialized materials: Kovar, Molybdenum, Copper Tungsten Composite, Copper Clad Molybdenum, Invar, Carpenter 49, Aluminum 4047. We also stock many of these long lead-time materials in multiple sizes in order to shorten lead-times.


CMM also has a well developed network of vendors that performs finishing processes for turn-key ordering of parts. These include heat treating, plating (gold, silver, nickel, copper, chem-film, passivation), painting, and silk-screening. CMM also has the capability to do precision post-machining, and to install various inserts: self-clinching, broaching, flaring, surface-mount, threaded.


CMM has an ISO 9001 based quality system which is being continuously reviewed in preparation for certification. We maintain logged calibration inspection tools to ensure accurate measurements and we keep all documentation (manufacturing records, material certifications, plating certifications etc. for at least 7 years.


David Chow, General Manager at

Kim Nguyen, Planning Manager at

Please contact GM for sales/quality/technical issues and Planning Manager for order status.


CMM, Inc. 707 Brown Road Fremont, CA 94539

Telephone: (510)651-9434

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